Free Payroll


An appropriate payroll solution is critical to manage the complexities of payroll processing.

FREPAYROLL is FreeHRMS payment mode to calculate your net salary to transfer to your employee’s Bank account via your bank.

Free Leave Management

Leave Management

Your leave management tracker is linked to the system so that your presence or absence is highlighted.

Thus enhancing payroll efficiency. Whether you are working from your desk or working from home you are in sync with your teammates.

Payroll needn’t be complicated any moreAparna

Run your payroll in minutes with a single click. All deductions get automatically calculated without a single mistake.

Why choose FreeHRMS ?

Takes your workplace productivity to a higher level by automating the time-consuming processes.

Handles multiple payments/ deductions.

Guides the user through the payroll cycle.

Highly secured web-based data protection.

Easy login and payroll generation via web.

Comprehensive reports are easy to produce.
Comprehensive reports are easy to produce.

Free up valuable time of the HR team.

Cloud-Based Payroll Software with paperless functionality.
Cloud-Based Payroll Software with paperless functionality.

Does not require in-house experts and infrastructure for setup.


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Installation of Free Payroll and leave Management

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