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Ronald Reagan once said, “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone”. Helping others can make the world a better place and it makes you feel great in the process. The community doesn’t have to be your town or city either. Community does not only mean people but includes everything under the Sun. We are all members of a global community and are citizens of the world, so look at various ways to contribute to your community.

We are a team of four like-minded people who wanted to contribute some of our findings back to the community.  The discussion went long over a few cups of tea and decided to share the basics of HRMS with those who need it and might not economically afford it at the beginning stages of their business. Thus, bloomed our FreeHRMS website.

We decided to add two prime software namely payroll and leave management in this FreeHRMS. There is no denying that the salary and the leave enjoyed being close to the employees’ bosom. Both are vital for employees’ to be productive and engaging and thereby accelerate the growth of the organization. On the employers’ side, these two software can be a competitive advantage in terms of attracting and retaining talent. Moreover, the software can help facilitate a hassle-free and more positive employee-employer work relationship.

Let us draw your attention to the fact that we have ensured the safety of your data with robust data security strategies and privacy standards, to protect all your digital information from unauthorized access, corruption, or theft throughout its entire lifecycle.

FreeHRMS is totally free.  We ensure data security. Are you wondering how this is viable in business? We do have paid plans with more features and services for your business that are customized to suit business needs. This is our fundraiser and this FreeHRMS is four of us coming together and trying to help can make a huge difference in your community with a little effort!

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