The leave of an employee is as vital as his salary and perks to him and importantly this needs to be tracked without any misunderstanding between the HR, employee and his manager.  In the absence of leave management software, there can be endless improper documentation, team member disputes for being absent on a day or says they requested the day but ended up coming in any way. Spreadsheets were no solution since the corresponding tracking would be on emails, filed papers, informed on a phone etc. Automating the leave management process with software can help facilitate a hassle-free and more positive employee-employer work relationship.

A leave module helps to keep a track of the types leaves allotted by the organization like leaves availed, leave history of an employee, leave balances etc. Setting up an effective leave automation system allows employees and employers to connect in a way that is more productive and engaging. Good workforce management practices implemented with leave management software can accelerate the growth of the organization.

With cloud-based leave management software , your team can easily manage paid employee leave, sick leave, medical leave and employee time off. Your employees can any time review leave policies, leave types and annual leave making your company a more attractive workplace. It can be your competitive advantage in terms of attracting and retaining talent.

  • Tracking leave pattern Automating the entire leave management process allows you to systematically record and store information to support discussions (or in the worst-case scenario of a legal condition) and stay on top of the key activities via alerts and reminders. The reports generated can also be used to map employee performance and diligence.
  • Excessive Paper Work – It is quite common to find organizations managing employee leaves across a series of spreadsheets or even using partially paper-based systems. Accurately tracking and recording employee absenteeism become a real hassle. Automation comes in handy in this place by streamlining leave processes.
  • Online process:  All applications and approvals are online which reduces the dependency on paperwork. There will be no ambiguity and leaves taken and approvals are just visible to all concerned.
  • Legal Compliance – In cases such as employee’s persistent short-term absence, long term illness, retirement, health and safety incidents etc. it is imperative that employee benefit compliances are adhered to. Automating the entire leave management process allows you to systematically record and store information to support discussions (or in the worst-case scenario of a legal condition) and stay on top of key activities via alerts and reminders.

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