Key features of leave management

The leave of an employee is as vital as his salary and other perks. It is important to track without any misunderstanding between the HR, employee and his manager.  Also sometimes called time-off management, a leave module comes to help to keep a track of the leave allotted by the organization, its types of leaves, leaves availed, leave history of an employee, leave balances etc. Leave management provides for online application, approvals and gets linked to the FREPAYROL to either deduct or allot reimbursement depending on organizational rules and regulations.

Configure leave as per organization

Leave can be customized as per the organizational decisions and categories can be predetermined.


Centralized information

Applications can be directly linked to leave management and this affects leave balance, availed leaves and entitlements. These will be visible for both employees as well as to HR.

Sync with Payroll

Synchronizing leave management with FREPAYROL facilitates smooth encashment of not availed leaves as well as recoveries.


Get detailed reports on employee leave records wherein an HR, employee or his immediate manager can see all the leaves availed of an employee or employees using the leave type and leave year filter.


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Leave Management