Key features that enhance
FREPAYROL’s functionality

Totally dependable: /Easy and Reliable payroll software:

FREPAYROLL is robust, scalable, well integrated with all compliances thus eliminating all payment errors and non-compliance risks.



Automate calculation for accurate payroll processing:

Adding an employee directory and attendance, leave and company holidays gets added to FREPAYROL from leave management module.

It is easy to use, keeps you abreast to changing compliances.

100% statutory
compliance guaranteed

Keeping a business compliant is a full-time job.

Our FREPAYROLL does the work for you, automatically calculating and filing payroll taxes.

Thus, it is hassle free processing of employees’ salary in accordance with statutory compliance.

Cutting-edge security

FREPAYROL is designed to ensure smooth, trouble-free implementation.

As good payroll solution, FREPAYROL comes with the highest IT security standards.

No Need to Hire Specialized Manpower

This is a cost-effective solution as it eliminates the risk of employing an individual specifically for the job.

Pay Employees on time every time

Disburse salary payments from your bank to employees’ bank securely.


What employ say about
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